Provide safe and clean energy generation, through fusion, powered by high-energy lasers
Maximize electrical output and investment returns by providing a flexible, single-solution power plant
Drive cross-industry innovation and revenue streams with the novel application of proprietary technologies


Develop Fusion Power

A power plant based on cutting edge breakthroughs in laser and target technology

GW Range Power Plants

Build and operate commercially viable fusion power plants at scale

Laser Driven Radiation Sources

Laser Driven Radiation Sources
Develop and commercialize a new level of non-destructive and high resolution testing of large and complex objects

Challenges with traditional renewables: · Regional availability · Storage & Transport · Grid stability · Demand matching


We are motivated by the fact that predicted global energy needs over the next 30 years cannot be met with existing clean technologies (such as wind or solar). Even with the help of new energy storage methods, like hydrogen, the future energy gap cannot be closed reliably. These trends illustrate the need for disruptive energy production technologies i.e. laser driven fusion energy.

Capacity Gap

Resulting in an energy demand in 2050 of 60 TW to be covered by ADDITIONAL 41.000 GW Power Plants


Needs forced by:
economic growth, energy transition, energy accessibility, demographics

With existing clean technologies these projected global energy targets can not be achieved.

Fusion is perhaps the only clean, plentiful energy source that can close the projected demand gap.


  • It is the fusing of light nuclei into heavier ones.
  • Of all the pairs of light nuclei that can fuse, the reaction between the two heavy isotopes of hydrogen - deuterium and tritium provides the Greatest Energy.

The INERTIAL FUSION energy concept is a proven, clean, safe and independent energy solution


  • Fusion is perhaps the only clean, plentiful energy source that can close the projected demand gap.

The Focused Formula is:
Combining direct-drive laser fuel compression with proton fast ignition
to generate a commercially attractive path to harvest energy

Bringing inertial confinement fusion to a new level

  • Better energy coupling
  • Applicable to fusion energy
  • Uses higher efficient green light
  • Less sensitive to instabilities
  • Higher fusion gain
  • Capsule protection in a power plant

The Solution Is Focused Energy Fusion.
Focused Energy will deliver scalable commercial fusion

Full flexibility and competitive edge vs. fossil fuels – Highest Energy Payback, Safe & Secure, Decarbonized Energy, Industrial Heat Process Assurance, Green Hydrogen Production

Focused Energy Fusion Benefits

  • Three modes can be shifted on demand (electricity / heat / hydrogen)
  • The only green energy source to fulfill industrial heat and cold demand
  • Efficient energy storage of hydrogen vs. other technologies (e.g. batteries)
  • Economic feasibility at 500MW installed capacity, LCOE <$40/MWh
  • „CO2 friendly“ alternative to support renewables
  • Not only electrifying, but also about industrial process heat and hydrogen
  • Combine with district heating and/or heat demand for industry to further utilize efficiencies
  • Production of Energy Resource with no raw material dependency
  • Focus on industry clusters with high based load requirements and regions where renewables are limited (high energy transportation costs)
  • Energy storage systems can be downsized, if clean base load solution exists
  • Power plants can switch between electricity (base load), the range of a powerplant will be 500 Megawatt to 1.5 Gigawatt
  • The most efficient source for hydrogen production as high temperatures allow for pyrolysis, which is 50% more efficient than electrolysis. Fusion can enable the path to green hydrogen
  • Supports GRID remodeling and stabilization with Hydrogen and Energy storage capability
  • Will be the new base load for the grid, support renewables and replace fossil and fission in the long run
  • Increasing competitiveness due to increasing gas/coal prices and decreasing pricing in technology for Fusion

Meet growing

  • Replace Conventional
  • Renewables

Energy security

  • Low land usage
  • Build anywhere
  • Safe & clean

Stable supply &

  • Electricity
  • Industrial Heat
  • Green Hydrogen

Cost competitive

  • LCOE <$40/MWh
  • Abundant Fuel
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We have assembled the worlds best team in laser fusion

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On our path to fusion energy…

… we develop fundamental technology that enables additional markets to commercialize our Laser-Driven Radiation Sources (LDRS) technology early on.
LDRS – compact, high yield, high energy and high resolution enables non-destructive testing of large objects: structural integrity of old bridges, smuggling of illicit materials, landmines and bombs of past wars, proliferation of nuclear materials, storage of nuclear waste.

· Safety of Gen IV reactors· Hidden weaponry· Smuggling of dangerous materials· Collapsing bridges