Focused Energy enables secure clean energy production from fusion driven by high energy lasers, an approach which will also open up many innovations in other industries exploiting the same technology.


Develop Fusion Power

A power plant based on cutting edge breakthroughs in laser and target technology

GW Range Power Plants

Build and operate commercially viable fusion power plants at scale

Laser Driven Radiation Sources

Develop and commercialize a new level of non-destructive high resolution testing of large and complex objects


We are motivated by the fact that predicted global energy needs over the next 30 years cannot be met with existing clean technologies (such as wind or solar). Even with the help of new energy storage methods like hydrogen the future energy gap cannot be closed reliably.

These trends illustrate the need for disruptive energy production technologies i.e. laser driven fusion energy.


At Focused Energy, we operate from Austin, Texas as well as from Darmstadt, Germany.

We are working with world’s leading science and technology team for fusion, targets, plasma physics, lasers and special engineering. We are part of a deeply anchored network in the global science community and ecosystem.

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In the last 6 months we have built the world’s best team in inertial fusion energy and recruited and onboarded 25 people:


Dr. William Goldstein

  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • Director Emertius

Jon Layman

  • Prime Movers Lab
  • General Partner


Prof. Dr. Todd Ditmire

  • Professor UT Austin, TX
  • CTO

Prof. Dr. Markus Roth

  • Professor TU Darmstadt, GER
  • CSO

Thomas Forner

  • > 20 years of experience as CEO/CFO
  • CEO

Dr. Anika Stein

  • > 6 years engineering experience
  • COO


Prof. Riccardo Betti

  • University of Rochester
  • expert in direct-drive fusion
  • STAC

Dr. Juan Carlos Fernandez

  • LANL (retired)
  • expert inertial fusion and ion acceleration
  • STAC

Dr. Kurt Schoenberg

  • Director Emertius
  • STAC

Prof. Vladimir Tikhonchuk

  • U. Bordeaux and ELI Beamlines
  • EPS board leader BP/IF
  • STAC

Scientists in support of our program

Dr. Pravesh Patel

  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • Senior Scientist Physics Division

Dr. Wolfgang Theobald

  • Laboratory for Laser Energetics
  • Senior Scientist

Prof. Dr. Stefano Atzeni

  • Professor La Sapenzia, IT
  • Expert in Simulations

Prof. Dr. Javier Honrubia

  • Professor UPM, ES
  • Expert in Simulations


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